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110 North Park Street,

Hohenwald, Tennessee 38462


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there zoning requirments in Lewis County?

The City of Hohenwald has some zoning requirments and will need to be contacted for more information. However, outside the city limits, Lewis County ony requires what is outlined in TCA code. For more information, click HERE.

Where do I pay Solid Waste fees?

Solid Waste fees are to be paid in the Solid Waste Office located on the first floor of the Courthouse. 

Where does court take place in Lewis County?

Court no longer takes place in the Court House. Since February 2020, court takes place in the Justice Center at 29 West Main Street.

Where do I pay my taxes?

Property Taxes are to be paid at the County Trustee's Office located on the first floor of the Courthouse.

Who do I call for the Dog Catcher?

If a dog is a hazard to the community and located outside of the city limits, please contact Dispatch at

(931) 796-3616 so the Dog Catcher can be directed to your location.

Where can I update car tags?

Vehicle registration, vehicle tax, and tag renewal may be completed with the County Clerk's Office located in the Courthouse. 

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