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Lewis County Services



Lewis County Solid Waste

Josh Stutts, Director

641 Waynesboro Highway,

Hohenwald, TN 38462

(931) 796-6058

coming soon

8:00AM - 5:00PM

Monday - Friday

Off Site Pickup Locations

Monday 3-5PM

Tuesday 3-5PM

Wednesday 3-5PM

Thursday 3-5PM

Friday 3-5PM

Hinestown Church @ Summertown Highway

Cothran Rd & Seiber Ridge, Mt. Joy Rd. & Macedonia Church of Christ

Gandy Rd. & Buffalo Rd Ridgetop & Catheys Creek

Hinestown Church @ Summertown Hwy, Andrews Circle 6 @ Summertown Hwy

Slippery Road @ Sawmill

About Solid Waste

Due to a mandate from the Tennessee State Legislature, Lewis County assumed responsibility for solid waste disposal from the City of Hohenwald on October 17th, 1994.


The solid waste department of county government includes three different areas of disposal. There is a transfer station that handles disposal of household garbage. This refuse is loaded onto a trailer, compacted and transported to a Class I Landfill in Decatur County.

A Convenience Center for recycling is on site where materials such as cardboard, paper, scrap metal, aluminum, paper, electronics (currently computers and computer monitors), used batteries, oil and tires are received and separated for the recycling process. These items are picked by vendors who then pay Lewis County for these materials thereby generating revenue for Lewis County. These funds supplement the enterprise fees paid by residents and businesses.

In addition to the Transfer Station and the Convenience Center, Lewis County has a Class III Landfill which is used for demolition disposal. Brush, trees and all sorts of demolition materials such as scrap lumber, shingles and sheet rock are accepted. There are exceptions – materials that are considered to be hazardous by state standards may not be accepted. The Convenience Center, Transfer Station and Class III Landfill are all inspected by the State Department of Environment and Conservation on a regular basis.

The Lewis County Solid Waste Department currently has four full time employees and two part time employees. The full time employees include Tony Bailey, Solid Waste Director; Billy Hensley attendant; Shawn Bailey attendant and Joe McNabb attendant. The two part time men go to off site locations in Lewis County to accept garbage out in the county. Drivers and employees of the Lewis County Solid Waste Department are always willing to assist patrons in whatever way that they can. The off site pick ups are located at designated days and areas from 3:00 until 5:00 PM.

City Garbage trucks, as well as private vehicles are assisted by the staff of the Lewis County Solid Waste Department.

Recycling Information

Cardboard- boxes, flats, etc.

Electronics- computers, printers, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Metal- all types of metal, clean and unclean.

Oil- used motor oil

Paper– shredded or non-shredded

Plastic containers– please locate the recycling symbol on the bottle and if it has a 1 or 2, we can recycle the container.  Please rinse out the container, mash it flat and keep the two plastics separate.

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