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Lewis County, Tennessee

I live outside the city limits of Hohenwald, do I need a building permit?

If you are planning to build outside the city limits of Hohenwald, Tennessee, Lewis County does not require a building permit for any type of structure or any sized structure, residential or commercial use. 

Is there a developmnet or impact fee in Lewis County before I build?

In short, NO.

Lewis County does not have any fees associated with building new structures outside of the city limits of Hohenwald. The Lewis County Board of Commissioners recently passed a Resolution respectfully requesting the Tennessee General Assembly  to amend the County Powers Relief Act so that all counties in Tennessee could have the option to enact an Impact Fee to help generate revenue to fund projects related to accelerated growth in their communities, if they choose to do so, helping to offset costs associated with development and save county residents tax dollars or even avoid a property tax increase. 

However, if you are building within the Hohewald City Limits, you should reach out to the City of Hohenwald to check for their requirments. 

Does Lewis County Government have a building and codes department?

Lewis County Government DOES NOT have a bulding and codes department, nor do we employ anyone for the purpose of building and codes. For any information related to building and codes we encourage you to reach out to the City of Hohewald to speak with Building/Codes Enforcer, Brad Rasbury. (931) 796-2231.

What about permits for emergency backup power generators?

There are no permits required for this type of building addition either. In fact, we encourage these being built if you are building way out in the county where it's more difficult to service if there is some kind of power outage. Once again, if you are adding a generator to a structure being built in the City of Hohenwald, please contact them for information about their requirements. 

Is there anything that is required for building out in the county?

Tennessee State Law (Tennessee Code Annotated or TCA) does require a proper septic tank/system for residences and buildings,. In addition, TCA also outlines safety requirements for proper electric installation. Again, this is Tennessee State Law. But Lewis County does not have anything specific regarding these topics. 

County Mayor

Jonah Keltner

County Mayor Jonah Keltner is the chief financial officer for Lewis County.  As CFO, the County Mayor is responsible for compiling a budget for all county departments, offices and agencies, which he then presents to the Board of Commissioners for approval.  Once the budget is approved, the County Mayor routinely examines the accounts of all county offices to ensure they are being properly managed.

Mayor Keltner and his staff, which includes Houston Hamblin, Sandra Collins, and Renee Odom, are also responsible for administering the payroll function of all Lewis County Government employees, as well as managing various bank accounts, finance, accounts payable, accounts receivable and solid waste payment duties.  Additionally, the County Mayor’s office is responsible for supervising the county’s insurance and liability needs, administering employee benefits, and serves as the Lewis County Government human resources department.

The County Mayor serves as a non-voting, ex-officio member of the Board of Commissioners and on each committee of the Board of Commissioners, in addition to each board, commission, or authority of the county government.  The County Mayor has a large role of leadership throughout the community, and has the care and custody of all county property, unless it is placed with another official.




110 N Park Street, Room 108

Hohenwald, TN 38462

(931) 796-3378

8:00AM - 4:00PM

Monday - Friday

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