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Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Houston Hamblin

The Chief Operating Officer is part of the Lewis County Mayor's staff and serves many roles. The COO is the County Mayor's assistant, secretary to the Board of Commissioners, and supervisior to county departments. The COO serves as a sort of "deputy mayor" in the absence of the county mayor. 

In addition, the COO has three primary job functions:

1) Finance/Budget manager

2) Human Resources manager

3) Community Development coordinator

As finance/budget manager, the County COO is responsible for managing the County's chart of accounts and approves major purchasing requests from department heads, enters Budget Amendments from the Commission, and creates the budget in county software once the commison approves a budget each fiscal year.

As Human Resources manager, the County COO is responsible for maintaining an accurate filing system for all Lewis County employees, managing employee insurance benefits, ensuring employee retirement, and timely paying federal employee payroll taxes. Additionally, human resources involves updating and enforceing employee policy, Title VI coordinator, and annual employee training coordinator. 

As community development coordinator, the County COO serves as the Three Star Coordinator for Lewis County, Joint Economic Community Development Board (JECDB) coordinator, ex-officio Chamber of Commerce Board Member, Litter Grant Supervisor, County Grants coordinator, and County Social Media & Website manager

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110 N Park Street, Room 108

Hohenwald, TN 38462

(931) 796-3378

8:00AM - 4:00PM

Monday - Friday

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